At Team we have made our name working closely with designers and print buyers. With a comprehensive range of in-house facilities from litho to digital and packaging, our reputation is built on giving our clients solutions and ideas rather than problems.


The litho department is the beating heart of Team and the place where the Team story began: 10 years of astounding print quality and precise attention to detail in every single job we produce. And with two B1 and one B2 6-colour Komori presses running 24/7, we have the capacity to handle any job, no matter how big or small.

Perfectionism and dedication are the buzz-words in this department, whether it's a fine art catologue or a two page retail flyer, no piece of print leaves the premises without meeting the exacting standards set by our Print Director and his team of highly experienced experts.

Colour balance, saturation, tones, resolution, ink coverage, densities, understanding of the relationship between ink and different substrates – we achieve consistent award-winning results by steadfastly refusing to compromise on any of these areas.

Our clients have come to trust our litho operators for their guidance and advice and we encourage direct communication when it is needed. That's why we have such a loyal, long-standing customer base of clients who understand that quality and economy go hand-in-hand; getting the job right, first time and by the most efficient method is a pre-requisite for every job.

Each press has its own supervisor and assistant supervisor, all highly experienced in press operation and quality control. The presses each have their own integrated computerised colour management systems and are linked directly to the reprographics department.


There’s more to digital printing than pressing a button. We apply the same rigorous quality-control ethos in digital as we do in litho and that's why we acheive such incredible results, on a wide variety of stocks. Will digital ever replace litho? Well, with our three state-of-the-art Indigo presses we’re certainly pushing those boundaries. Many of our clients have taken advantage of using this in conjunction with our other facilities; short run booklets and brochures with digitally printed text and foiled or embossed covers, and of course, personalisation and data merging. Because Team have all these facilities in-house we can keep everything under control and keep the quality to our own high standards.


Our Fuji Acuity large-format output device is flexible and versatile, capable of high-quality printing on virtually any substrate up to 48mm thick onto a huge 2.5m x 1.25m wide... it’s only a matter of time before a designer unscrews their studio door and brings it in. It’s fair to say that the Acuity goes at its own pace. But when you see the high-definition results you’ll see that it’s worth the wait. Posters, display boards, duratrans, large book covers, mock-ups... the list of applications is endless.


If Team were a football sqad then our finishing department is the precision striker who puts the ball in the back of the net. Foiling, embossing, die-cutting, folding, binding, varnishing, sealing, it might be easier to list something that we don’t do in-house. It’s arguably the most important part of a print job. All the good work, the fancy side-steps in repro and exquisite passes through the press can be undone by inferior finishing. We encourage people to visit Team’s factory and it’s usually the finishing department that impresses people the most. It’s here that Team’s precise attention to detail can be seen in sharp focus; a highly skilled and dedicated workforce, guillotining, folding, die-cutting, creasing, drilling, hand-stitching, perfect-binding and laminating.

Whilst our expansion may have incorporated automated high technology where we’ve needed it, an incredible amount of our finishing work is still done by hand. This keeps Team connected to the important values of craft and tradition, values which show through in the excellent work we produce. OK, what don’t we do in-house? Erm... oh yes, laser cutting... we send out for that and hmm, that’s a tricky question...


Housed in their own dedicated unit within Team, the presentation department are specialist packaging manufacturers with a wealth of experience. Combining a wide range of materials and all the Team finishing facilities, we are able to produce eye-catching results on a range of products, including: presentation boxes, ring binders, folders, case bound books, CD packaging, wallets and pockets, slipcases, game boards, POS materials, swatches and hinged boxes.


The good people in our dedicated reprographics department may speak a weird and strange language involving lots of abbreviations, but their job is to make things simpler for you... Our Stingray File Transfer software can be downloaded to sit on your desktop, ready for you to click on and send your job. But because life isn’t always that simple we make sure they stay bang up-to-date with all the latest Mac and PC compatible software. Linked directly to the presses, they have a wealth of experience in retouching, scanning, file amends and colour proofing.

All presses are carefully set up to match each job’s different requirements.

Continual investment in the latest precision equipment maximises production efficiency.

Digital paper storage, with packs filed by grade, colour and finish.

Film laminating machine during production setup.

An extensive amount of in-house hand working keeps Team connected to the important values of craft and tradition.

Guillotine waste awaiting recycling is stored in large containers.

Hand folded covers boxed for dispatch.